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Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Once Again

Once again we are into it,
not knowing what it will be-
I am scared as a sheep-
fearing it to be.

I know you love me-
I do that too.
But I don't know what to expect-
and what not to do. 

I am in fear of constant rejection,
but not in a bad state,
for I want it to be more than what it was-
But I don't know if you want the same. 

Monday, 5 October 2020


I was blinded by love, 
I didn’t think straight.  
I could have been logical-
But emotion clouded my state!

I was thrown off the rock-
And I decided to stay.
Instead of climbing back-
Knocking it out dead.

I was shattered to thousand pieces-
I was crying over them.
I could have glued them back,
But sadness clouded my state! 

Now I have messed it up,
I am surely to blame.
Whatever I do henceforth-
Will never bring back the same


Some truths are not worth digging-
Some truths are to be lost.
Some say it is my principle-
But I say it- It is my Love.

I gave up something-
precious to me.
For the sake of something-
precious to him.

I stood there-
clenching on the proof.
But the look on his face-
made it clear to me what to do.

There were no questions asked-
there was just the blame.
For I am not the type of person
to come between two friends!

Sunday, 4 October 2020

The Benefit of Doubt

What just happened!
I lost the trail of time. 
It is the situation of-
her words against mine. 

I thought you knew me,
I thought I was clear
Blaming me for this-
was not totally fair!

I get the blame,
I get the pain-
with the situation like this
things will never be the same!

Did you think once-
Why and What will I achieve?
Between her and me-
It will be me the one in grief. 

You have been my everything-
for the last few days
Never once I had malice in my heart-
Eventually I am the one who always pays.

Trust did break-
that is clear and out.
You never even gave me-
The Benefit of Doubt!!!

Friday, 25 September 2020


Dedicated to the one I love!

It was random, it was fast-
My heart just dived into the vast.
You were unknown, you were gone-
but right now you are the only one!

I loved you then, I love you now-
in the crowd, I saw you how?
You made me shy, you made me blush-
talking to you, I could never rush.

You were my first and you are my last-
nothing in between ever last.
Getting up every morning I think-
How I fell in love with you in a blink!

You make me happy, you make me merry!
You are like my cake top cherry.
You make me calm, you make me strong-
you make me feel that I too belong!

You let me be me, you let me be wild-
You never judged me in your mind.
You make me laugh, you make me cry
But most importantly, you let me fly!

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Once Before

The closer I get to you, 
the scarier it gets. 
The worry in my head- 
just never fades!

We went through this once before 
and we are doing it again. 
Things are surely different now-
but will it become the same? 

Friday, 24 July 2020


Attachment to you, scares me,
Loving you, scares me,
Connection with you, scares me,
You scare me!

I am scared that all these-
Are too good to be true!

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

As and When

People come and go -
    as and when they want and please. 
People talks with you - 
   as and when they want and needs. 
Don't get too attached to someone
   Because they abandon you, 
   As and When they please!

Saturday, 7 March 2020

Little Angel - My Son !

This little blue bird-
came with the news of your deceive.
Life was too hard,
And I wanted to Quit. 

Then something happened, one year ago-
There came an angel to me, 
with little toes and fingers-
He held my arms like a dream

I looked into his eyes
and I fell in love again.
It is the life to which I gave birth-
The Angel from Heaven. 

Looking at him grow-
Since a year which passed by-
And you wonder what would have happened 
If the little angel didn't come by. 

He took away all the pain, 
He gave a reason to live,
For he is my little Angel-
He is my Son indeed!

Friday, 29 March 2019

Before Me

I always wondered, what it would be like-
to be the first in someone's life.
To be the one who can think upright-
I just laugh at my own plight.

There is always something or someone before me
Money, work or she.
What did I think & what did I do?
Thinking all these makes me blue.

What holds in future-
I do not know.
But it won't be for me-
I can tell it in a blow.

It scares me-
It makes me sad.
But that is what I got into;
knowing all that!!

Once Again

Once again we are into it, not knowing what it will be- I am scared as a sheep- fearing it to be. I know you love me- I do that too. But I d...